Basic Principles of Human Nutrition

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Basic Principles of Human Nutrition

-Educating people 30 years- In Doctor of Clinical Nutrion program and finished Masters (MSH) here at UNF and undergrad at UF-I am a Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN, LD/N)-Taught at FSCJ 1997-2011, UNF since 2012- Two children, Daughter a UF grad who returned from working with Peace Corps teaching English in Indonesia; she is looking for a job with the US State Departmentand Son is Senior here at UNF studying Math and Computer Science-Husband is Electrical/Avionics Engineer with NavAir and we have been married over 30 years-2009 Outstanding Alumna Brooks College of Health UNF

Good Nutrition is an important part of a persons' overall health and is managable in a busy lifestyle!

What I hope you learn

Welcome toHUN 2201Basic Principles of Human Nutrition

About me

-I love to travel and to try new foods-I love to cook healthy meals and share with loved ones-I love champagne- I love to change recipes into "healthier versions"-I love to dance and sing-I love to garden-I love research & writing, it is like solving puzzles to me!


-Besides teaching I have spent my career working in multiple healthcare settings hospitals, nursing homes, institutional facilities, public health departments and homecare & corporate wellness-Past owner and founder of a nutrition private practice-Executive Director and founder of NWAA, inc. which is a non profit company that assist people in taking charge of their own health. We provide health education and non traditional health care practices/ modalities while doing research on outcomes

-On your Canvas course click on the home page and review the information, syllabus & schedule and the book which we will be using in this course. The book is required and the current edition recommended-You will need to complete the student orientation quiz with a 100% score before moving forward

Let's get started


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