Basic Milling, MFG164

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Basic Milling, MFG164

Module 4In this module you will perform your first laboratory assignment using the verticle milling machine.Follow the and complete all steps shown BEFORE you arrive at the Advanced Manufacturing Lab.In order to participate in the lab you will need to score at least a 90% on the online quiz.Good Luck and Have Fun.David Higgins


Beginning Milling Machine Methods

Exciting! We will be making metal chips!


1) Read Machinery Handbook Pgs. 1021-10392) Attend Milling Machine Demonstration Thursday 4:30pm in Room 1733)Take Safety Quiz4)Watch Video about the Milling Vice5)Review Milling Project

You are required to attend a Milling Machine Safety Breifing and Demonstration at Justin Whiting Room 173 at 4:30, Thursday Feb. 26th.

Safety Quiz

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YOUR DONE!See you in Class.

"Percage sineholding mitis", by Cosme2C. CC-BY-SA Uploaded 2/19/2015

"HSS Twist Drill into Alunimum with Lubricant" by JJ Harrison. CC-BY-SA, Uploaded 2/19/2015

"Fulty Mechanics" Soundfile by Stephan Schurze, CC-BY-SA, Uploaded 2/19/2015

MFG 164 - Basic FabricationAsst. Professor - D. Higgins



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