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What is Baseball?

A ball game that is played between twoteams of nine. Each team gets a turn battingwhile the other team plays on the outfield. The goal of the game is to strike out the opposite team, and get as many people "home" as possible to get the most points.

Rules of the Game

Baseball Lingo/ Definitions:- fielder: any defensive player- a run: a score made by a batter who runs all the way around the bases without getting out- a pitch: is a ball delivered to the batter by the pitcher- a catcher: fielder that stands behind home plate to catch pitches that aren't batted- strike: a pitch that goes over the plate, but that the batter doesn't hit- batter: an offensive player who takes his position in the batter's box and attempts to hit a ball thrown to him by the pitcher.- MLB: Major League Baseball

Set Up of the Field


" I love it when people doubt me. It makes me work harderto prove them wrong." - Derek Jeter, MLB player



What Makes it Unique?Baseball is a unique sport because it pairs several different activities into one game. It is challenging and fun, and unlike many sports, it is team-oriented; you play as a team, and you win as a team.

- wooden or metal bat - softball (larger, used for metal bats) or hardball (smaller, used in MLB, for wooden bats- base-helmet- catcher's mask- baseball/softball gloves

The key to dedication and perseverance, whether you are playing baseball or pursuing another activity, is to play not for the fans, teammates, sponsers, or even the family that cheer you on. To play from the heart and be successful, you have to play for yourself.

Each team will take turns batting and pitching. The pitcher will try to strike out the batter, whereas the batter will try to hit the ball with the bat to score a run. After 3 strikes, the batter is out. If the pitcher throws 4 pitches out of the strike zone, the batter automatically walks to first base. A runner can steal bases by running to the next base, without being tagged out, on a bat that is caught, or when the oppisng team is pitching to another batter. There are 9 innings, and the team with the most runs wins the game.

BENEFITS- it improves your upper body strength- it is a great and fun way to get fit- you can play competivively or for fun- you have the chance to be a part of a team and interact with others- develops leg muscles with short bursts of sprinting

When you are batting, make sure to bend your knees. Hold the bat with two hands, and put force into your swing to make the ball go farther.



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