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How You Can Change The SpeedIncrease: To increase the speed/distance of the baseball you will need a lot of humidity. Which means you need it to be hot out for more humidity. It would also go further if you used a bouncy ball or a corked bat.Decrease: To decrease the speed/distance of the baseball you would want to have zero humidity and a low temperature. If the baseball weighed thirty pounds then it wouldn't go very far. Also, using a plastic toy bat would not be strong enough to push the baseball out into the field


How a baseballs speed and flight distance is affected by temperature and humidity.

How It WorksA baseball is slown down by the air resistance. If it is more humid out then there will be less resistance because water vapor has a smaller mass than the particles in air. The temperature determines the highest possible amount of humidity there can be. Hotter temperature means higher amount of humidity and lower temperature means less possible humidity.

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