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Health & Fitness

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Starting, joints mobility and muscular activation-1 lap walking, 2 laps jogging and 1 lap running.-Rotate your: head, arms, hands and feet 30 seconds each.-Walking lunges, bottom heels, crossing and sprint.


Drills-Throwing drill: Try to keep the ball out on the fingertips not back in your hand. Everyone throws differently.-Batting drill: Bend your knees, line your knuckles up, hold the bat above the shoulders, plant a foot backwards, when the pitcher throws the ball swing your bat to hit the ball.-Catching drill: Band your knees and rise your glove up to the chest. When the ball is released move your hand towards the ball.

Rules-Attacking team: The batter has to throw the ball forward on the limit line. Then it has to run to the next base at least. Every runner that gets to the starting base makes a point.-Defending team: The pitcher has to throw the ball to the batter on the other team. It's teammates have to touch the ball before it grounds to eliminate the runner. If the ball isn't caught the team must touch the runner with the ball or get to the base before the player.


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