Baseball of the 1950s'

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Baseball of the 1950s'

Baseball of the 1950s

Roberto ClementeBorn August 18, 1934Died in plane crash December 31, 19723000 hits carrer.314 batting average 12x Gold Glove award winner2x World Series winner

Jackie RobinsonPlayed carrer for dodgers.First African- American to play in the MLB.Previously played in the Negro League.NL MVP in 1949.His jersey number "42" has been retire by entire MLB.In 2013 the move "42" was created in his memory.Before his baseball career he enlisted in the U.S Army.Accomplished junior tennis player.

Nickname: Hank the HammerBorn Feb 5,1934 in Mobile AlabamaCame from a very poor family.305 batting average755 homeruns (was the record for many decades)25 time all starHe played Left Fieldwon 3 gold gloves

Facts about Baseball

Fields were alot largerGames were low scoring.Fans got bored and wanted a change.Pitchers mounds were alot higher.Players did not wear helmets.Bats were larger and heavier.The New York Yankees dominated .Forbes field was one of the largest fields in baseball.

Mickey Mantle

Willie Mays

Born May 6, 1931Nicknamed the "Say Hey Kid"Made his debut in 1951 for New York Giants.Hit 660 homerunsLifetime batting average .302Had 3,283 hitsRookie of the yearWas know for fielding skills12 time gold glove winner

Born october 20, 1931Switch HitterPlayed for New York Yankees.Was a 20 time all star.One of the few people to win theTriple Crown.7 time world series champion.Hit 536 home runsHis number was retired by the Yankees


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