Bartolomo Diaz

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Bartolomo Diaz

on his journey near africa he passed the cape of good hope or the cape of storms as he called it. he also passed a second cape he named cape of needles. on his journey to india, he and his crew decided to turn back three days after he found the cape.he really named it as he turned back and saw the cape again.he had to face failor and was never again put in authority.

Important Eventsdias influenced many peaple


bartolomo diaz died may 29th 1500 by being lost at sea

bartolomo diaz


bartolomo dias was a smart child and his father attended the portugese court. so he already was a talented sailor.


bartolomos purpose was to look for a route to india by king john the 2, but stumbled along many obstacles along the way.

his purpose

his journey


1450 - born1487 - went searching for a route to india1500 - died


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