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Bartlett Bulletin

Reasons Behind it All Every decision has a reason to back it but now we could never see why the eighteenth amendment was created. This article will tell you all you need to know about the beginning of a huge mistake. During the times before prohibition, alcohol was frowned upon, mainly because people connected alcohol with saloons. In saloons, the poor would waste away their money on drinks as no respectable person ever entered these places. The saloons were hubs of crime, gambling, and drunkenness. People of the USA wanted them gone. Another reason was most of the states at the time already had dry laws in place, 23 in fact. This was 63 percent of the population at the time. Many groups and people of the time pushed for the laws on a bigger scale. This shows an old west saloon

The Repeal"There is as much a chance of repealing the Eighteenth amendment as there is for a hummingbird to fly to Mars with the Washington Moument tied to its tail"-Senator Morris Sheppard, writer of the eighteenth amendmentIn the beginning of prohibition, people of the time believed it would bring the country into a time of prosperity with less crime and violence. Though soon it was clear that the amendment had achived the complete opposite with crime and violence controlling the streets of many US cities. The people of the US pushed and protested for the repeal of the devasting amendment. Though one of the things that truely pushed the government to repal the amendment was economic collape in 1929. The return of alcohol would create jobs for the many american out of work and would provide major funding through taxes. It would also destroy the cost of the major task to enforce the failing amendment which sounded great for the cash strapped government. When Franklin D. Roosevelt took office in 1932 , he made sure to have the eighteenth amendment repealed. Then on December 5, 1933 the twenty-first amendment was ratified and became an amendment.

Bartlett Bulletin

editor, Becky Bartlett

December 5, 1935

Al CaponeOne of the most famous gangsters of the time was Al Capone (seen to the right). At his peak, he controlled the illegal liquor trade in many major cities around the US. This crime empire was all created by the eighteenth amendment. The demand for boot leg liquor from the eighteenth amendment that banned intoxicating liquor causing the gangs and gangsters like Al Capone to supply the demand. If the eighteenth amendment was never created none of the crimes ever would have happened. The amendment changed the history of our nation.

The Horrible Crime During the years that prohibition was in affect the crime in the US had a huge spike. Law abiding citizens before prohibition became hard drinkers that headed to illegal speakeasies where intoxicating liquor was sold. These places would open up everywhere in cities from old saloons to backrooms in restaurants. To fuel the demand for boot leg liquor or illegal liquor, gangs and rum runners were created. The rum runners would import illegal liquor from islands and Mexico while the gangs would create liquor or steal it from other gangs. This created major violence in cities and many times shoot-outs broke out between gangs or with the police. These crimes were the horrible effect that the prohibition had on the US. If the eighteenth amendment had not been created the crimes and violence of the time would never have come to be. The prohibition had a horrible effect on this period of our history.

Enforcement The USA had created measures to enforce the eighteenth amendment though it failed in the end. On october 28, 1919 the government passed the Volstead act or the National Prohibition act. This act set the punishment for illegal intoxicating liquor and ways to stop the sale. One of the more contersial parts of the act was the amount of liquor allowed in drinks which was set to only 0.5% alcohol. The enforcement of the act and amendment proved just to be too great of a task for the law enforcement of the time. The act was made useless by the twenty-first amendment so none of the parts of the act are still in use.

The Beginning of a New Era Two years ago today a new era of the US began. The twenty-first amendment was ratified by the last state through a state convention. It marked the end of the failed prohibition and the beginning of a new and hopefully better one in the history of the US. Now after two years of the twenty-first amendment, the consumption of alcohol per capita has gone down to 60% of the consumption before the prohibition. Also all the crime that came with the eighteenth amendment had disappeared. This failure in the US history will help insure that our right to drink alcohol will never be infringed upon again. Though the eighteenth amendment will have no effect on people in the future and the twenty-first amendment will have little effect on people's daily lives. The only affect it will have is it allows the states and towns to make laws about alcohol.

How do the Amendments Work?You are heard all about the amendments in the news but are not sure of the true meaning of the amendment. This article is here to clear up the confusion Eighteenth Amendment:The amendment bans the sale, manufacture, and transportation (import and export as well) of intoxicating liquor in the USA. Though the drinking of alcohol was not banned or the use of alcohol for other purposes such as medical. This amendment had seven years to be ratified and after it was ratified one year before the amendment would take effect.Twenty-First Amendment:This amendment repeals the eighteenth amendment and makes sale, manuacture, and transportation of intoxicating liquor legal again. It also states that it is up to the states and towns to make laws about alcohol.


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