Bartek Oak Tree

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Bartek Oak Tree

Oak Bartek is one of the oldest trees in Poland. It is over 670 years old but many people believe it is 1200 years old. It grows between Bartkowo and Zagnańsk, in the Świętokrzyskie Mountains. Since 1954, it has been protected as a natural monument. According to measurements made in 2013, this ancient tree is 30 meters high with the circumference of the trunk at ground level at 13,4m and at breast height 985cm. On the south-eastside of Bartek's trunk, there are two statues of Jesus placed. One of them was hung to commemorate the victory of the Battle of Vienna, and the second to commemorate the end of the cholera epidemic in 1853.

Bartek Oak Tree

Dąb Bartek - the most famous tree in Poland

The oak called Bartuś (Little Bartek) was planted next to Bartek Oak. It is unique because it grows from the seeds which Pope John Paul II dedicated on a Polish foresters pilgrimage in 2004.

1829- It had fourteen main branches.1906- The oak suffered from the fire.1934- Oak Bartek was recognized as the most impressive tree in Poland.1991- The oak was damaged by a lightning strike.1997- The telescopic supports were set.2008- The oak had eight main branches.

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