Baroque vs Renaissance

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Baroque vs Renaissance




The difference between Baroque and Renaissance music are very important to some people and are both universal pheneomenons

Music has its place everywhere in the world. "Music is and accessory of life"-?

Everyone in the world adores music. Some listen to it, some play it, and some study it.

“Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth?” God asked, “When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy?” (Job 38:4, 7)

What is BaroqueMusic?

What is RenaissanceMusic?

So what is the difference?

-Many awakening occurrences took place including the rediscovery of the hidden ancient Greek and Rome writing which influenced school along with learning music.-Renaissance era of music began in 1400 AD and lasted till 1600 AD.-In the renaissance, music was composed by quite a few people.

-Baroque music was composed from approximately 1600 AD to 1750 AD. -It was also known as Classical music.-The time length of the music pieces tended to be alooooooong time.-Today, it is still preformed.-There were over a thousand composers in that era.-It also included Opera and Cantatas.

-Renaissance music was rather constrained when compared to baroque music, yet it was the foundation for baroque music.-Baroque musical genres include both vocals and instrumentals, with the only difference being they were quite larger in number of categories than those of in the renaissance era.-The tone of the baroque music was of development of tonal architecture and formal principles; baroque, binary, ternary, fugue, etc. while the form of renaissance music was much of the systematic.-Melody with accompaniment was noted during the baroque period while the melody of renaissance music was much more of imitative counterpoint.


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