Baron von Steuben

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Baron von Steuben

The Prussian who helped America gain its Independence

Time Line


The Baron was born

On September 17, 1730 Friedreich Wilhelm von Steuben was born in the Duchy of Magdeburg.


Moving up


With the prince


Coming to assist America


Baron in command

He becomes chamberlain to Prince Josef Friedrich Wilhelm.

von Steuben was the only courtier allowed with the prince on a trip to France hoping to borrow money.

Went to Ireland in 1777 and met the French Minister of War, the minister told Ben Franklin of von Steuben and told Washington that he was a Lt. General in the servive of the Prussian king

Baron von Steuben

The baron was in command, and greatly changed the way the military for the continental army was ran. He spoke little English and had a translator and a French aide who would tranlate his orders from German to French and then another translator would translate that into English. He served as Washington's chief of staff for the final years of the war.


The Death of The Baron

Other Facts:He was forced to leave Baden, Germany under homosexuality charges.Had an Italian Greyhound named Azor, which he took everywhere.

von Steuben died November 28, 1794 in Utica, New York.


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