Baron Friedrich Von Steubon

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Baron Friedrich Von Steubon

Baron was born on September 17, 1730 as a prussian-born military officer He was an insepector general and a major general in the continental army. Known as one of the continelntal army fathers he taught the soldiers military drills, tactics, and discipline. He also wrote the "Revolutionary War Drill" manual.


1730 - born1764- became chamberlain to Fürst Josef Friedrich Wilhelm of Hohenzollern-Hechingen1777 - came to America1778 - battle of Baron Hill and Monmouth Event Name1794- died

- He showed the soldiers how to be sanitery for there healths. He also established a camp layout.- He wrote a book called the "Blue Book" and it was a revised strategy of the battle at Valley Forge.- The soldiers were very dependant on ammunition. He taught them how to use there bayonets.

Homosexuality Issue

He was forced to leave Baden wehen he was threatened to be prosecuted for being homosexual. When he came to America Washington didint care about his homosexuality only that he was one of the best generals.

Baron Friedrich Von Steuben



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One of the best generals ever.


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