Baron De Montesquieu

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Baron De Montesquieu

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Baron de MontesquieuWas born on January 19, 1689 at La Brede, France to a noble and prosperous family.Baron de Montesquieu was a highly influential thinker during the Age Of Enlightment.

The Spirit of the LawsBaron de Montesquieu said the importance of a seperation of powers and of the first ideas to add checks and balances to the government.

The Persian lettersThe Persian letters was a novel which had letters sent to and from two fictional Persians, Usbek and Rica. De Montesquieu wrote The Persian Letters using a fictional correspondance with two persian characters. It helped reflect of the definition of government and social customs.

Baron De Montesquieu(1689-1755)

Major WorksMontesquieu's two important works were The Persian Letters and the Spirit of the Laws

BiographyHe was born from a wealthy family, but was put in care with a poor family.De montesquieu studied History and science, becoming a lawyer.He beleived the power should be "seperated", and so he wrote two major works to emphasize his point. He helped start democracy, but he also beleive that not everyone was equal. He beleived in slavery.

EffectsBaron de Montesquieu had major works and they had great impacts on the government.He helped with the developement of democracy.


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