Baron De Montesquieu

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Baron De Montesquieu

Birth and Death His real name is Charles Louis de SecondatHe was born January 18,1689Died Febuary 10,1755

Baron De Montesquieu

Country of orginBordeaux, FranceHe studied science and history in college. In 1716 he got the title of Baron de Montesquieu.He was also a member of the Bordeaux and French Academies of Science,where he studied the laws and customs and governments of the countries of Europe.

Fame and WorksIn 1791 he gained fame with his Persian Letters .They critisezed the liberties and rights of the French as well as the Church.In 1748 he published On the Spirit of Laws , which outlined his ideas on how the government would best work.

BeliefsMontesqieui believed that a government elected by the people was the best form of government. He hoped that knowledge of the laws of the government would help reduce the problems of society and improve human life. He believed in democracy and thought it depended on maintaining the right balance of power. His ideas about separation of powers became the basis for the United States Constitution. There was three branches the king(enforced the law), the Parliament (made laws) and the judges(interpreted laws ).

Is everyone equal?Montesqieui believed in slavery.He also believed that the women was weaker than the man and that they had to obey the commands of their husband .But he did believe that women had the ability to govern.

Effects The United Sates use his beliefs on the seperation of power.He influenced the Constitution of the United States.

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