[2015] hayes myers: Barnes County

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[2015] hayes myers: Barnes County

Biography Barnes County was founded in 1875. In Barnes County you will not find many people in fact only 11,066 people live in Barnes County. In this Barnes County there are seven people per square mile that is very low compared to standard. Before it was called Barnes County it originated Burbank County. Burbank County was founded in 1873.

Great Discoveries Valley City was founded in 1874 and there lived 6,585 (in 2010). Valley was founded because the people needed a town to get goods from stores to help get better goods. The Valley City Bank helped the Barnes County to have an improved economy. The first church in Valley City was the Baptist church founded in 1954-1956.

HistoryBarnes County had 5,490 males and 5,576 females in this County (not many at all). Barnes County has 14 cities, 13 school districts, and 11 fire districts. Valley City is ranked 12th for population wise. QuestionsI would like to know how many people live in Barnes County as of now not in 2010.

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