Barn Owls

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Barn Owls

Barn owls

There are over 200 types of owls. Owls live almost all over the world but for Antartica.

When barn owls first hatch the are blind and can't catch their own food.

An barn owl can see things 100 times brighter than humans can so that is why they can hunt in the dark.

Barn owls can hear their prey under the snow. An owls whole head is desined to hear their prey or hear any danger.

For a bird to fly they have to face the challenge of gravety. The bird has to use its wing power to keep its body above ground

References Nature"Owl Power"

When a barn owl is flying slower than it really can that means the owl is hunting. When a barn owl is flying it is silent because it's wings don't move as fast and because a barn owls flight feathers have noise redusing fringing edges.

Barn Owl Hooting

How can you tell a male from a female?Females have darker feathers around the rim of the faciul disk. A male can be reconized by pure whiter and brighter feathers on its breast.

Male barn owl

The Barn Owl was voted Britans favorite farmland bird in an RSPB poll in July 27.

Barn Owls Screech instead of hooting.


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