[2014] Emma Watson (SNC1D): Barn owl-science

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[2014] Emma Watson (SNC1D): Barn owl-science

-80% of the owls population decreased in that past 3 years. s -16 species of barn owls left in the world. -Exaclty 1000 pairs left in england as of 2013. -Barn owls can usually produce 5-15 eggs at a time. (not all survive.) -If the nest was in a well protected area maybe 5 will lead up into adult hood. -Less than 60% actaully survive.

-They enjoy open lands so they can hunt, nest- Such as grasslands, shurb and small bush lands as well.-They nest in well protected area, such as large trees, old buildings, and large shurbs.

Barn Owl (Tyto alba)

-Meduim sized owls, -which stand to about 10 to 12 inches high.- females are bigger than males - males 14 - 19 ounces female 17-25 ounces-lifespan: 3-4 years

- Barn owl has been a endargered for a couple of years.-Main reason owls suffer from stravation. -The species that the barn owl eats were affected by the pestcides in the fields. --They had adpat a different habitat, climate and food sources.-Humans killed them for show in muesums and keep there eggs and feathers.

Why are they endargered?

Current Population

What is being done to help?

-Shelters, ferilte syestms and laws, for hunting and pesticides. -Protecting ecosyestms, nests, and resting areas-Moving them to different habitats.


Physical Apperance


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