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The filter shown above contains: stockings, cotton, coffee filters, activated carbon, coffee filters, sand and coffee filters. In this DIY filter, most of the layers were made to cleanse the water of any 'large' particles that may be of interference with the filterization. The sand helps to remove dirt and particles from the water, while the activated carbon focused on binding with the ions so it is removed from the water ("How to purify your water",n.d.)

What are you drinking Barium

Contaminant Research

DIY Filter

Effects on Humans and the Ecosystem

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Where it comes from? Lake OntarioR.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant Location: extreme east end of Queen Street, at the foot of Victoria Park Avenue; 2701 Queen Street East

The Ecosystem-dissolve easily in bodies of water; can be very harmful to environment and aquatic organisms -aquatic organisms absorb barium compounds and it accumulates in their bodies ("Barium - Ba", n.d.)

Ways it enters the water cycle: -Barium compounds are released from sources, dissolve easily into bodies of water-compounds found in soil surfaces seep into groundwater spreading contamination. -human pollution ("Basic Information about Barium in Drinking Water", 2013)

Maximum Allowable Contamination (MAC): 1.0 mg/L (1000 ug/L) (Basic Information about Barium in Drinking Water, 2013)Sources of contaminant: discharge of drilling wastes, discharge from metal refineries, and erosion of natural deposits, missions from industrial processes (Ex. Smoke stacks) ("Basic Information about Barium in Drinking Water", 2013).Where does Barium go? Barium compunds dissolve easily in bodies of water, and also sinks into sediment. Some could remain on soil surfaces and some as runoff ("Basic Information about Barium in Drinking Water", 2013).

HumansConsuming too much Barium may cause:-Breathing difficulties  -Increased blood pressure -cardiovascular disease -Changes in heart rhythm-swelling of brain, liver, kidneys -Heart damage-etc. ("Barium - Ba", n.d.)


(Richardson, 2014)

Stockings Activated CarbonCotton Sand Coffee Filters

Watershed ActivitiesPoint Pollution Sources:-Pipe corrosion (“Contaminants Found in Groundwater”, 2014)-Smokestack leakage -Storm drain contaminants-Leaky tanks or pipelines containing petroleum products-Leaks or spills of industrial chemicals at manufacturing facilities-Underground injection wells (industrial waste), etc. ("Groundwater Contamination", 2010)Non-point Pollution Sources:-Road salt -Fertilizers on agricultural land-Pesticides on agricultural land and forests-Contaminants in rain, snow, and dry atmospheric fallout, etc. ("Groundwater Contamination", 2010)

("How is lake water turned into drinking water?",n.d.)

WastewaterWhere does it go? It goes back into Lake Ontario.Standards: Wastewater has to go through primary treatment (seperating solids from water), secondary treatment (physical and biological treatment), tertiary treatment (several physical, chemical, biological processes)(James, 2013)Regulations: owners and operators of wastewater systems are to record, report information on the quantity ' quality of the water and submit annual reports and develop a plan to reduce overflows (James, 2013).

Treating Drinking Water

("where does the water from your toilet go?",n.d.)

("10 ppm (µg/mL) Barium for ICP-MS - MSBA-10PPM-125ML",2014)

Trial 2ControlTrial 1

("Kenaidan Contracting Ltd.",n.d.)


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