Barcelona, Spain

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Barcelona, Spain

In Barcelona, people eat their meals later in the day. Restaurants do not open for dinner until around 9PM.

Barcelona is famous for it's football team, FC Barcelona. Locals call it "Barca". In 2009, they won every major tournament. Their stadium is the biggest stadium in Europe.

5 Facts About Barcelona: 1. Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain. 2. Barcelona has a population of 1.6 million people.3. People in Barcelona speak two languages: Catlan and Spanish. 4. The currency of Barcelona is the Euro.5. Barcelona was founded by Romans in the year 15 BC.

Barcelona on the map!

Barcelona, Spain

The Sagrada Familia:984 m tall!

In Spain people love to eat tapas. Tapas is a variety of small Spanish dishes usually served with drinks.

Barcelona hosted the Summer Olympics in 1992. They created beaches in the city for that event--before that, Barcelona had no beaches!

The main shopping street in Barcelona, Portal de L'Angel, is the most crowded street in Spain, with over three thousand pedestrains every hour.

Park Guell: A public park system designed by artist Antoni Gaudi.



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