Barbed Wire

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Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire

How its made

Barbed wire is composed of two zinc-coated steel strands twisted together and having barbs spaced regularly along them.

What it does

The Price

It cost about 2 pennies every 11 feet. This product is very cheap and can be used for alot of different things. It is alot more of a better deal than getting and over priced wooden fence.

How it will make society better.

Barbed wire is designed for restraining animals, also it quickly has become a use for protecting against humans when in war. Barbed wire is a simple concept and is very simple to produce. Barbed wire plays an important role in the expansion of territory and settlement of the United States,it also is used as a weapon of war.

Get hooked on Barbed Wire.

Barbed wire is used for farm fencing , also it can keep animals and wildlife from roaming around outside of the farm or land. It prevent animals from becoming lost or stolen and it divides them from cornfields or newly planted fields.It also showed the the territoy was marked and privte protecting the owners land from anything.


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