Barbara Johns and African American Education

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African-American History

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Barbara Johns and African American Education

Barbara Johns &African-American Education

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With aid from the NAACP, Johns was able to get her case into reviewed by the Supreme Court. Brown recieved a lot of support from African American parents and students alike. Together they held strikes within their community and raised awerness about inequality within the education system.

The End

Barbara Johns' contribution to the to African American Education is not simply limited to those who resided in Virginia. Her work and sacrifice is a constant reminder to the entire United States that fair education is a right given to everyone.

1935To 1991

Johns' parents sent her to ALabama after threats were placed on her lifeJohns was only 16 when he began her strikesAfter she graduated from college Johns lived a normal life with her family as a librarian

Fun Facts

Her Legacy

Barbara Johns' observed the inequality in if the school within Prince Edward County and took a stand. In 1952, Johns took a stand against the inadequate and unfair conditions within African American school by holding an assembly within her high school and charging her peers to take a stand for their rights.

The Beginning

Prince Edward County had segregated schools. Most of the African American School, like Moton High School , were often underfunded and overcrowded. .

Johns in the Virginia Civil Rights Memorial

Johns' Graduation Picture


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