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Barack Obama

Brack Obama was born on August 4, 1961 he was born in Hawaii. His granparents help raised him. He did not see his dad very much. He has a step father. In 1959 he became the first African studentin his school.

Before Barack Obama was runing for president he was a law maker. Then when every one like his idea they started to vote for him to be president .6,2012 people voted. In Novenmbe 20,2009 he became presedent of the United States of Amaricana. It is in portane that he became presedent because it tells other people from other colchers that you can do what other people do.

Barack Obama went to law school .In 1996 he was electced to the Ilinows state.2004 he became Known as nationaly and In 1992 Barack Obama Married Machelle Robinson. Machelle Robinson was a lawyer and Barack Obama made a new health care bill fore the poor.

time line

1990-was elected the first black President of Harvard law review.1992-Joins a Chcogo law firm to work on civil right cases.1996-wins election for Illiniois state senator.1999-Maile Barack Obama's first child was born.2002-Barack Obama's seconed child Natasha was born2005-Reseives the NAACP fight for freedom award as wellas its chairman's award.

The first black President Barack Obama

By:Grace Kelly Traverso


Child hood


Barack Obama giving a speach

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''I sand here knowing that my story is part of larger American story''.


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