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Barack Obama

Barack H. Obama Jr.

Early Life.-Barack Obama was born on August 4th, 1961.-Barack's birth place is Honolulu, Hawaii- Went to a prestigious private academy in Honolulu, Punanou.- Obama is a mixed heritage.- Nickname from friends and family was "Barry."- Helped his basketball team win a state championship. - Obama recalled "conflicted in no other country on Earth is my story possible." About his mixed heritage in his teen years.Family TimeSpouse: Michelle " Robinson" Obam was working at a downtown law firm. She was assigned the role of advisor to a summer associate from Harvard, Barack Obama.-Married: October 3, 1992.First Marrige: Yes, for both.Children: Malia Ann Obama, bon in 1998, Natasha Obama, born in 2001.

The president I choose to write my flash cards about is Barack H. Obama. Barack Obama is doing an unbelievable job,and doing his absolute best for America. It wasn't easy for him is his early life, but he beat the odds and became the 44th president of the United States, after becoming a senate. -Now Barack Obama is 53 years old.

About his Father.- Father from Kenya went to university and was the first ever student from African Country.- Member of luo ethnic group, which played a key role in country's struggle for independence in 1950s.- Father went to Harvard for a Ph.D.- Father died in car accident in Kenya.

Carrer TimeGraduated from Columbia University and works for a business research company. - Enters Harvard law school, and graduates in 1991. - Becomes first black editor of harvard's prestigious law review.- Runs "Project Vote", which registers 150,000 Chicago voters; weds Michelle Robinson.- In 1996 was elected as state senator -Loses Democratic primary in Illinois' 1st Congressional District to incumbent Rep. Bobby Rush. - 2005: His narration of "Dreams From My Father" wins a Grammy Award for best spoken album.-2007: Launches presidential campaign; raises a record $100 million in campaign contributions; "The Audacity of Hope" narration wins him a second Grammy. -

The BIG Move. -Mother remarried, moved to Indonesia. Near the capital of Jakarta. - Half sister Maya was born. -Family returned to Honolulu


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