Barack Obama

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Barack Obama

President Obama has a family that consists of two daughters that are named Malia Ann who is currently 17 and Natasha who is currently 14. His wife, Michelle, Whos is the first lady of the united states, is currently 51 years old.

Barack Obama gave 91 million jobless people jobs, Obama has paid more attention to gay marriage than any other president, Not only did Barack do this but he has had little to help doing all this

Barack Obama was a fantasic leader and the first african american president of the united states. Obama created better health care, he improved relationships with foreign countrys, and killed the most known terroist, Osama bin Laden

Barack Obama

A trait Barack Obama has is intelligence, Obama has won a nobel peace prize in october 2009 for that hope he will improve the economy. Also Obama has written many books, and does many public speeches,

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