[2014] amy saldana (2nd period): Barack Obama

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[2014] amy saldana (2nd period): Barack Obama

Past lifeLater in 1979 Obama graduated with academic honors.later Obama became conscious of racism and what it meant to be Africa America so while he didn't know he started to struggle with social perception so one day he went to the bathroom and wonder if something was wrong with him

Barack Obama(1961- )

past lifebarack obama was born in August 4,1961 in honolulu hawaii his father was named obama Sr and his mother was name Ann dunham his mother and father ment in the university of Hawaii were they fell in love and got married.9 months later they had Barack Obama. Obama didn't have a relationship with father as a child. Also his dad will never help him get through hard times in school . Later Obama was living with his grandparents where Obama enrolled in the esteemed Punahou Academy also while Obama was there he was excelling in basketball ball

here barack obama taking his first picture at the white house

help from..www. biography.com

Quotes I am not opposed to all wars.i'm opposed to dumb wars-Barack Obama People will recognize that we have responsibilities as well as rights-Barack Obama

FUN FACTSHe won to be president 2 times He use to be a lawyer And his birth sign is Leo


1961-Obama was born1979-he graduating with academic honors1982- Barack Obama father has died1983-Obama has earn a degree in political science1985-he move to Chicago1995- Obama has work on a book called DREAMS FROM MY FATHER2009-Obama became president


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