Barack Hussein Obama

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Barack Hussein Obama

Barack Hussein Obama44th President


1961 - born August 4th 1979-Occidental College for 2 yrs1981-Columbia University1988-Harvard Law School1991-Graduates Harvard Law School and returns to Chicago1992-Married Michelle Robinson1992-04 professor University of Chicago Law School1995-publishes "Dream from my Father"1998-Daughter Malia Ann born2001-Daughter Natasha born1997-Member of Illinois Senate2005-United States Senate from Illinois2009-Becomes 44th President

Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States. Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on August 4, 1961. He is the first African American to hold the office. Barck Obama is a graduate from Columbia University and Harvard Law School. He worked as a civil rights attorney before he became the president . He Lives In Washington D.C. He loves many different sports. One of his favorite sports is basketball. Barack Obama married Michelle LaVaugh Robinson in October 3, 1992 in Chicago. They have two daughters together, Malia Ann Obama, and Natasha Obama.


Barack Obama has accomplished many thing as president. He has passed an Affortable Care Act which gives millions of people health care insurance including poor people. He also ended the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Barack Obama also eliminated Osama Bin Laden, a terrorist leader. Obama turned around U.S. auto industries. Barack Obama won the Noble Peace prize in 2009.


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Before Obama became president he served as an State Senate of Illinois for three years. He then was elected to the United States Senate. He has worked as Civil Rights Lawyer and also was a professor at University of Chicago Law School. Obama is an author as well. He has Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album.

Barack Obama likes to play basketball. He likes to read Harry Potter books. Barack can speak Indonesian and some Spanish. He dislikes ice cream. In 2009 he made $5.5 million dollars from writting books. While living in Indonesia he ate weird things like grasshoppers and snake meat.


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