Bar graphs

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Bar graphs

Examples of the use of this graph could be:Population, foods, sports, genres, drinks, subjects, etc.

Bar Graphs

What is the graph?A bar graph is a type of chart with rectangular bars used to display data. The bars can be horizontal or vertical. One axis of the chart shows specific categories that are being compared, and the other axis represents a discrete value (data that can only have a certain value).What kind of data is this type of graph used for?A bar graph is usually used for showing comparisons amongst categories. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this graph?+:Easy to identify & read, can show a large set of data in a simple visual form, easy to use – business and media, can show trends better than tables (just numbers)_: -:Can only use discrete value, limited space for vertical bar graphs, not good for large numbers of categories


Is there any trends?There is a downward trend from dogs to birds, but then an upwards trend from bird to rabbit, then going back down again.What does the graph explain?The number of different types of pet people ownWhat can we use it for?Identifying the number and what type of pet people own

Example of a vertical bar graph

Example of a horizontal bar graph


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