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Bar Code Tattoo

The Bar Code TattoooBy: Suzanne Weyn

The bar code tattoo contains all of a person's personal information. It replaced e-cards and cash. It was optional for a while but later on Global-1 made it a law that everyone 17 and older had to get the bar code. Many people got it but some people called resistors did not want it. Resistors either refused to get it or burned the tattoo off with acid or any other chemical available.

Kayla changed her thoughts and her feelings for other people. She no longer trusted Nedra and Zekeal with anything after they supported the bar code. She also changed her appearence after she ran away. She cut her hair and became thinner by walking a lot to where she needed to go. She also strengthened her muscles by climbing mountains and walking to get to White Face mountain.

Both of Kayla's parents comitted suicide because of the bar code. It became a law when someone turns 17 they have to get the tattoo.Kayla ran away because she was accused a homicide and refusing the tattoo.Zekeal and Nedra betrayed her.Kayla is going to look for Eutonah.

No one really affected her to change. Kayla changed by chose after her parents comttited suicide because of the bar code. She blamed the government for their dealths and refused to get the tattoo after it became a law. So once she refused it she had to run away because she was wanted.

The Tattoo

This tattoo caused some suicides and unemployed people. It changed everyone's life. Main character Kayla lost her chance of a scholarship and a future so she joined a resistance group, This resistance group was working on something called decode/decoding. It included Zekeal, Nedra, Allyson, August, and Kayla.


Presented By: Jessica McGrath


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