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Baptism is the first step to becoming a member of the Christian community and includes a ceremonial practice in a church. It is important for someone to be baptised if they would like to make their first Communion and Confirmation. Baptism is important because when a person is baptised, they are freed from sin and start anew. This sacrament is not only for babies. People can be baptised at any time in their life, however, most parents choose for their child to be baptised as an infant. During the baptismal ceremony, the person is twice anointed with oils. For the baptism, water is poured over the person’s head as the priest recites a small prayer. Many people are invited to come to this ceremony including relatives, friends and family. The parents also need to choose someone to be the baptised person’s godparents. Baptism is a very important Sacrament of Initiation because it frees participants from sin and allows them to make the next steps in becoming a member of the church.

Luke 3: 21-22 explains that Jesus was baptised and he was becoming a member of the Kingdom of God, just like everyone else who has been baptised since. As Jesus was praying during his baptism, he felt like heaven was opening and the Holy Spirit descended on him. He then heard a voice come from heaven speak to him saying “You are my son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased.” This means that God, his father, was proud of Jesus and loved him very much. When people are baptised now, it is like we are all sons and daughters of God and heaven is opened for us when we are baptised, just like it was for Jesus. Baptism has been happening for many years back from before Jesus was baptised, and the Holy Spirit will always descend on anyone that is being baptised.

By Lexi Wilson

Symbols of baptism

This is what it Looks Like

The ceremony of Baptism commences with a reception or welcome, which is then followed by some other main parts of the ceremony, including the Celebration of the Word, Creed, the Baptism and the Second Anointing. The word Baptism means to ‘immerse’ and this is symbolised when water is poured over the person’s head. Baptisms are usually held in a parish church during the Mass. The priest leads the ceremony and the person being baptised dresses in white because it is the traditional colour for Baptism. The Baptism usually takes place about half way through the Mass. Water is poured over the person’s head as the priest says “I baptise you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen” This is then followed by the Second Anointing where the person is anointed with Chrism, to symbolise Holy Oil. A candle is also lit from the Easter Candle, which represents that Christ has risen. All the small elements of Baptism are important because they all symbolise special unique points in the ceremony.

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