Banning Smooking

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Banning Smooking

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Today, there are no more doubts that cigarette smoking inflicts adverse chronic health effects. The governments and citizens all over the world should start thinking how to resolve smoking problems. It is a main cause of various diseases and deaths in different countries all over the globe. Nowadays, more people start smoking in all ages, especially in adolescence. Thus, it is vital to educate the public about the negative implications of cigarette smoking. As a result, due to its harmful effects on people’s health and those around them, many countries have prohibited the use of tobacco.

Banning smoking

Why ?

Although many cigarette companies promote smoking, making people believe that it is a popular and beneficial habit, it should be banned because it sets a bad example, pollutes air, and causes lung cancer.


1. people who smoke have a bad influence on children and teenagers around them.2. a smoking prohibition is its polluting effect on the environment, particularly air3. there is a widely known stereotype that cigarette smoking lowers the risk of obesity. However, they usually forget about the lung cancer that smoking causes.

people from all over the globe should unite and support the smoking ban. It is impossible to let smokers encourage young people to start this deathly habit. Moreover, they not only pollute the air and cause harm to their health but also to others. The lung cancer is the most severe disease that this habit may lead to. Thus, if I had a choice to ban smoking, I would undoubtedly do it because no one wants to support those who invisibly hurt everyone.



Cherish your life. LET THE AIR FREE.


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