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Banned Book Week

"One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"By Ken Kesey


Lois Lowry’s series is about the everyday problems of a little girl named, Anastasia Krupnik. Her antics such as bra stuffing and wanting to “eat herself,” as well as references to Playboy Magazine and beer were the main concerns of people trying to ban the book. Another of Lowry's books “The Giver,” a dystopian young adult novel, has also been challenged due to its offensive language and sexually explicit content.

Maya Angelou writes about her struggles when dealing with racism, trauma and identity in her early life. It begins when she is three and is sent to live with her grandmother and ends when she is 17 and pregnant. Graphic retelling of rape, racism and sexuality caused the book be banned and publicly challenged 39 times since 1982.

"I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings"By Maya Angelou

Ken Kesey’s main character, Randall Patrick McMurphy, who claims insanity to escape jail sentence. McMurphy and the head nurse have power struggles resulting in disarray. It has been banned and challenged many times because it, "glorifies criminal activity, has a tendency to corrupt juveniles, and contains descriptions of bestiality, bizarre violence, and torture, dismemberment, death, and human elimination" according to five residents from Strongsville, Ohio.

"Anastasia" series and "The Giver"By Lois Lowry


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