[2015] Carlos Junco: Banned Book - The Giver

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[2015] Carlos Junco: Banned Book - The Giver

Banned Book Reportby Carlos Junco

1.) Franklin County, Kansas (1995): The Giver was removed from all school libraries, but remained available for use at teacher's discretion.2.) State of Oklahoma: The Giver is prohibited to be used in elementary assignments. 3.)Marshall University,West Virginia (2001): It was banned for violence, "occult themes", and sexual explict content.

The GiverAuthor: Lois Lowry

Some places where The Giver is banned:

Why is this bookbanned?

The Giver was banned for the following reasons: violent and "sexual" scenes, infanticide, euthanasia, and "sexual awakening".

Ranked 11th on the list of books most frequently requested for removal between 1990 and 1999, and 23rd in the 2000's.

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