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WHO IS BANKSY?His identity is a closely-guarded secret, but we're pretty sure that he's a man and it's thought he comes from Bristol. We don't know his real name, his exact age or anything about his family.


Q+AWhat do you think about your graffiti being granted Grade II listed status?It's surprising because when I did art at school I got an 'ungraded'. What’s the worst thing about Street Art?Having to make your mistakes in public. What’s the best thing about Street Art?Having to make your mistakes in public. What do you think about people selling the art you put on the street?As a kid I always dreamt of growing up to be a character in Robin Hood.I just never realised I'd end up playing one of the gold coins.

Banksy sneaked into Gaza and painted a big cat.A resident says the cat ‘tells the whole world.. she is missing joy in her life’.‘The cat found something to play with… what about our children?’Here is the video in full:

BANKSY is a street artist. He draws on walls because he wants the world to see and understand his perspective of life. His art can have a funny message or a serious one, but all his works are designed to make us think and to look at life from a different angle.

There are some things we know about Banksy, though. We know about some of his opinions, his original sesnse of humour and his unique perspective of life. These are things we can learn about him throug his art.


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