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GrafittiBanksy is a Grafitti artist that travels and produces art around the world. His work has gained reknown through out the world.He has spurred the counter culture movement, inspiring people to take political action with his art. We overlook so many things in our society, Banksy strives to bring attention to these injustices and inspire action. Banksy is the anonymous artist name. The true identity is unknown. Regardless his style is known throughout the world and recognized. His website is a primary source to identify a Banksy original.


Pat Down

Swept Under the Rug


Meaningful Connections in our Society

No Trespassing

Make Love Not War

The Man Behind the Mask

Smithsonian articleHow Banksy turned the art world upside Down

Banksy Spotted

NPR recent News

Banksy has created several masterpieces inspired by this song


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