Bank Accounts

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Bank Accounts

Different Typesof CIBCBank Accounts

The Two Types of Bank AccountsThere is saving accounts and checkingaccounts.The four types of saving accounts is:eAdvantage Savings AccountBonus Savings AccountPremium Growth AccountAdvantage for Youth60 Plus AdvantageThe six types of checking accounts is:Unlimited Chequing AccountEverydayPlus Chequing AccountEveryday Chequing AccountPremierService Account60 Plus AdvantageAdvantage for Students

The Cost and Bennafit of Each Savings Account-eAdvantage Savings Account has a 1.05% interest and you must have a balance $5000+. You get unlimted online transfers to your other CIBC personal bank accounts-Bonus Savings Account has a 0.25% interest and you must have a balance of $3000+. You get one free transaction-Premium Growth Account has a 0.20% interest and a $1.50 cost per transaction-60 Plus Advantage has a 0.20% interest and 2 free transactions-Advantage for Youth has a 0.30% interest and unlimited transactions

The Cost and Bennafit of Each-Unlimited Chequing Account cost $13.95 a month and unlimited transactions-EverydayPlus Chequing Account cost $9.95 a month and 25 free transactions-Everyday Checking Account cost $3.90 a month or free with minumum balance and 10 free transactions-PremierService Account $28.95 a month with unlimited transactions-60 Plus Advantage is free with unlimited transactions-Advantage for Students is free with unlimited transactions



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