Bang! Bang! Bang! - Episode 5

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Bang! Bang! Bang! - Episode 5

Episode 5 (Ch. 16-18)"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

Mr. Parker and friend: Huck almost turns in Jim to the two men in the skiff, but Jim makes him feel guilty when he says Huck is the only white gentleman than would keep his promise, they represent how Huk struggles with society's morals and his own.The Grangerfords: A rich Southern family that takes Huck in, they are feuding with the ShepherdsonsThe Shepherdsons: Another rich Southern family, feuding with the Grangerfors over something nobody even remembers

The setting of Episode 5 is the Mississippi River and the Grangerford house.

The author's purpose in making Huck so upset about Buck's death, after he has been through so much loss already, is to show how he has grown as a human being, expressing his feelings. It also shows his innocence because although the Grangerford's looked like they had a great life from the outside, they have dark secrets inside, like Emmeline's death and their mourning of her, and the feud.

Huck's Evolution

New Characters

Essential Questions

1) Are society's morals always the right morals?2) What is worth fighting for?

Huck goes from a boy on the run with a runaway slave going deep into the southern slave states to a boy who understands more how messed up his society is and how a family can seem okay from the outside but once you know whaty is going on inside, you realize how bad it really is. Huck also progresses in his understanding of feelings and how he acts. He feels bad about not turning Jim in, but figures he'd feel bad if he did turn him in, so he would just go with the easier one when the time came. Huck is clearly still not very self-confident, blaming Buck's death on himself. He blames himself because if he had not given Sophia the paper, she would not have eloped and the fighting would not have happened just then. Overall, Huck changes his understanding of his society and is more loyal to Jim now.

The Grangerfords and the Shepherdsons are two families that have been feuding for the past thirty years. Nobody remembers why or when the fued started, but many people, including children and women, have died from it. Both families bring their guns to church, which is ironic because the preacher is preaching about brotherly love. By the end of the episode, Sophia Grangerford runs off with Harney Shepherdson, which evokes a mini war between the families, resulting in many deaths on both sides, including Buck's death. Huck is deeply disturbed by this and gets out of there as fast as he can, continuing his journey with Jim down the river.

The Grangerfords and the Shepherdsons

Author's Purpose


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