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The Band Director's Group on facebook is a PLC of almost 11,000 Band Directors sharing strategies, materials, and advice on the profession.

The video conferenceing functions of Skype can allow virtual clinics with composers and other experts. It is often financially or logistically impossible to hold these events in person.

In addition to the many uses of Word and PowerPoint, Access can be used for instrument inventory, a music library catalog, or to build a custom student information database.

The tools below are mostly for teacher use.

Band Room Tech ToolkitThese tools are for teachers and students.

Apps such as YouTube and Google Earth are valuable sources for finding recordings, technique videos, or for researching music's place of origin.

The TonalEnergy app is a suite of musical tools including a tuner, metronome, tone generator, frequency analyzer, and wave form window.

Essential Elements Interactive is a web 2.0 site that is coordinated with a band method book. It offers organization, communication, learning, and assessment tools to teachers, parents, and students. Check out the video for more information.



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