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Band Components

The nucleus is the control center of the cell. We connected the nucleus of a cell to the manager of a band. This is because the manager controls the band. Everything that the band does (whether it be touring, recording, or appearances) is scheduled and created by the manager.

The microfilament of a plant cell helps the cell move around. We connected this to a tour bus. The tour bus helps the band move to different locations so they are able to perform all over the country.

The cytoskeleton provides support for the cell. We connected this to the fans. The fans support the band no matter what. Whenever the band is having a bad day, the fans are always there to cheer them up.

The vacuole acts as storage for the cell. We connected this to instrument cases. This is because the instrument cases store the instruments when they are not in use.

The endoplasmic reticulum is a network of channels that distribute proteins throughout the cell and beyond. We connected this to the radio. This is because the radio distributes the band’s music all across the world.

The mitochondrion produces energy for the cell. We compared this to the bands chef. A chef provides food for the band to eat. When the band eats, it gives them energy to perform.

The Golgi body functions as a processing, packaging, and delivery system in the plant cell. We connected this to a bands producer. A producer creates the band’s music, and then makes sure it perfect for the band to release it. Once it is perfect, the producer sends the music to radio stations.

The cell wall protects the cell. It only allows certain substances in and out of the cell to allow maximum protection. We connected the cell wall of a plant cell to the bands security guards. The security guards are there to protect the band. In order to protect the band, the security guards can only let certain people visit the band, and they only allow the band to exit the building when they feel it is the safest.

The chromosomes of a cell contain DNA and RNA. DNA is what determines what the cell looks like. We compared the chromosomes to the bands hairdresser and stylist. The hairdresser and stylist create how the band looks and what they wear.


The microtubule provides movement within the cell. We connected this to the choreographer. This is because the choreographer tells the band how to move on stage.



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