Band Instruments in the Band

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Band Instruments in the Band

Baritone:➢Key of C➢Full Rich Sound➢Very Sonorous➢Mid-low Range Brass➢Resembles a small tubaTenor-ranged instrument whose shape resembles the tuba is also know as a euphonium. Generally not a solo instrument but plays alot of fill in style parts. Often used to play chords with the trumpets or other higher melody line parts.

French Horn:➢Key of F➢Full Sound➢Has Distant sound➢Largest Range in Brass➢Double Tonguing➢Fifth jumps are effectiveThe Fernch Horn is the decendent of the old hunting horns, It has has rich full sound. It utilizes a trigger valve increase range. It is played with the players hand in the bell giving it a slightly muted sound.

Tuba:➢Key of C➢Full deep sound➢Not as melodic➢Effective as bass line and rhythm patterns➢Lowest of the brass instruments Lowest range of the brass, typically used to set a rhythm or as a bass tones. Not normally melodic solo instrument.

Trombone:➢Key of C➢Full meloncony sound➢Can be full and march like➢Very effective as a solo melody for somber melodies➢Slide glissandos Mid-low range brass. Uses a slide instead of valves to change the length of tubing to change tones. USed effectively in smooth jazz, and melencholy solo lines.

Trumpet:➢ Key of B-Flat➢ High, Bright Sound➢ Fast, Articulate➢ 2 ½ Octave Range➢ Double TonguingSmallest and Highest pitched of the brass instruments. Used as solo lead in jazz, and for fanfares in orchestral music. Versatile, as lead in melodic, rhtyhmic or march styles

Brass Instrumentsin the Band

Brass Instruments are all played by the musician vibrating their lips into the mouthpiece

Brass Instruments are all Conical-the tubing gets larger, out the bell

Brass Instruments can be muted -A mute in the bell restricted the vibrated sound

Brass Instruments have different length pipes-by using a slide or valves the player changes the pipe length


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