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Bananas9th grade health class

For shipping purposes: -Bananas are wrapped and placed in polythene bags to prevent damage to the skin.-Placed in refrigerated compartments and stored at 13° FAt the store:-They are generally bunched with around 6-8 other bananas, unwrapped and stored at room temperature.

-Bananas are cut from the tree in gree condition-At the boxing plant they are hand removed from the stalk and placed underwater for 4 minutes to remove any latex and dirt-Undergoes regular changes of air to discharge ethylene gas produced by the chemistry of the fruit

Shelf life/Storage:-It is difficult to determine shelf life because there is no sell or eat by date.-The general rule is:-Counter: 2-7 days-Fridge: 2-9 daysFreezer: 2-3 months

Fun Facts-Bananas are good for muscle cramps because they contain potassium. -India is the leading producer of bananas in the world.



Where to buy

Food safety

-Things to be aware of:-If the banana is underripe is may be more difficult for the body to digest.-If the fruit is overripe it may show signs of mold which means the banana will be in a liquid state and no longer firm.

Bananas can be bought at any grocery storeand sometimes they can be bought at gas stations.

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