Bamboo People

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Bamboo People

Map of Burma

Bamboo People by Mitali Perkins

Ever since the Burmese soldiers burned down his village Tuh Reh has a burning hatred for the Burmese.

Ever since Chiko's father was arrested his mother would not allow him to go outside. Until, one day he went to interview for a teacher position. Little did he know it was a trick to kidnap men for the army.

Chiko is walking to the school for the interview. When he gets there he realizes it was a trap. It was too late and he finds himself on a bus to an army camp within the hour.


(historical fiction)

Tuh Reh ChikoTai

Important Characters

Conflicting Events

-Chiko is kidnapped into the army -Chiko takes his friend Tai's place in a suicide mission-Chiko's leg gets blown off by a mine


Burma late 1900s


Chiko was walking down a path when something explodes. A mine killed his four squad mates, he looks down and sees his leg is nearly blown off.


Chiko is able to return home and his father is released from prison. Tuh Reh's father returns home safely. Tai and his sister live with Chiko in their house.


I enjoyed reading this book. It was a glimpse into the struggle of a country as it waged a war with itself. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes reading about other countries and how they live.


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