balloon reseach by adrian beatson

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balloon reseach by adrian beatson

Balloon reseach by: adrian beatson

what is a balloon used for:Balloon is a fun decoration used at celebration and birthday parties and made in may different colors and materials

a balloon is made up theese materials: each balloon can be made out of these materials including silk ,cloth,ruber, nylon, latex, or polychloroprene

what makes a balloon float: well the gasses that makes a balloon float are helium ,hydrogen ,nitrous oxide ,and plain simple airone material that is used to make a balloon is rubber the raw materials of rubber are Latex that is mixed with chemicals to get thick.Other chemicals called antidegradants are added to help the oxidation and so the rubber wont decompose . To get color, pigments are mixed into the latex. pigments are mostly powders or dyes.

the first people that made a balloon were Two papermakersnamed Joseph and Jacques Montgolfier well jacques and joseph experimented with paper and hot air and discovered that the hot air lifts the paper causing the paper to float creatimg a balloon like object

we have change the process of balloon making over time i say this because today they used a elastic strechy material to make the balloon and back then they didnt know how this process worked to make a elatsic material so they used materials easier to find 2.