Ballistics and Firearms Examination

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Ballistics and Firearms Examination

Ballistics/Firearms Examiner

A firearms examiner is responsible for conducting forensics examinations and analyzing firearms. They are responsible for collecting any bullets or fragments of bullets at a crime scene to determine the type of firearm that was used and the caliber of bullet used at the crime scene. Depending on the location, company and industry the salary can vary.


Physical implementations

Firearms examiner is classified under forensics science technicians. You must be able to collect, identify, classify and analyze evidence from a crime scene. also be able to perform test needed on weapons or any substance like hair, clothes, tissues and anything along those lines.

This area of forensics science is veary interesting. Always seeing it on tv made me cerious about how its done and what it takes to do it. long as you have the requirements to do the job, you can apply for one.


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