Ball Don't Lie

by twinsies123
Last updated 5 years ago

Language Arts
Oral Communication

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Ball Don't Lie

Out of 464 surveyed, 89% LOVED the book ;D

"I have never before seen blacktop ball depicted so well. In this novel, you will find its flash, its power, and its elegance without chains. This is powerful stuff." ~ Antawn Jamison, All-Star forward of the Washinton Wizards

A white boy named Sticky who has a troubled past, but one solid dream: To play BASKETBALL. His real mom committed suicide and he never knew his real dad. This lead him into foster care: His first foster mom died from cancer, his next two foster parents didn't want him.

"The tears are still coming, and his entire body is trembling, but this feels good to Sticky. Reaching out. Letting go. This feels more than good, it feels like life."



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