Bali and Sulawesi

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Bali and Sulawesi

Bali Culture- Preforming arts, Festivals and very spiritual rituals make up the Bali culture. They enjoy rice and spicy foods and rice.

Sulawesi Culture- Islam is the major religion. For fun, they go to puppet shows, have comedians, traditional dances, and music in all genres. Rice is their main dish along with bread and nooodles. They enjoy spicy foods as well.

The weather is pretty even year round in both Sulawesi and Bali. They often have sudden tropical downpours during the wet season. There are 2 seasons, wet and dry.

Bali and Sulawesi

This is Sulawesi

Wow! It looks almost exactly like Maui!

Languages; Indoesian, Balinese, English

The Green School in Bali is a beautiful place. They have solar panels and a handmade bridge. The school is very intent on learning the ways of the earth. They play sports just like you and me but are very different. They garden and harvest but instead of harvesting tomatoes for pizza they harvest wheat to make flour.

Sulawesi Plants/Animals-Sulawesi has many plants and animals here is a few of them. There is the dwarf buffalo and a chicken like bird called the Maleo. There are 400 species of birds that are known. There are also 127 known mammal species and 62% of them are endemic. In addition to Animals there is moss, orchids and the tallest flower called the rafflesia.

Bali plants/animals- Bali is full of wonderful things and places, they have leopards, tigers, king cobras, water monitors, and the bali starling bird. There are also 280 different species of birds in Bali! Wow! In addition to beautiful animals they also have banyan trees, jackfruit plants, bamboo, ferns, mushrooms and pines


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