Balanced Literacy

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Balanced Literacy

SHARED READINGUsing a big book or enlarged text that all students can see, the teacher involves students in the process of reading and rereading big books, poems, songs, retellings, alternative texts, and products of writing.PURPOSE:- explicitly demonstrate early strategies, and the process of reading extended texts- build sense of story and ability to predict- involve students in the enjoyment and purpose for reading- provide peer support and the opportunity to participate and behave like a reader- build a known body of texts for other activities

GUIDED READINGThe teacher selects and introduces new texts to a group of students with similar instructional needs. The students read the entire text by themselves with just the right amount of support before, during and after reading. PURPOSE: - provide students with many varied texts to read at their instructional level - problem-solve while reading for meaning - use strategies on extended text - attend to words in text- challenge students and create a context for successful processing of new texts- guide, demonstrate and explain the processing of new texts

INDEPENDENT READINGStudents read a variety of texts independently at their independent reading level. Teacher provides instruction for selecting texts at independent levels.PURPOSE:- apply reading strategies independently, support peers, and sustain reading behaviors- independently decode words and process texts- develop fluency through rereading- build confidence through sustained successful reading

READ ALOUDThe teacher reads aloud to the whole class. Texts are from a variety of genres (fiction, non-fiction, poetry) and represent our diverse society. Favorite texts may be read multiple times.PURPOSE:- involve students in reading for enjoyment- create a community of readers- demonstrate reading for a purpose- provide adult modeling of fluent reading- develop sense of story, knowledge of written language syntax and how texts are structured- increase vocabulary, linguistic repertoire, and oral language development- make complex ideas available to students- promote comprehension development

Targeting Reading:Hitting the Mark!




All text comes directly from the Myers Elementary Wikispace


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