Baking Homemaid Gingerbread men

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Baking Homemaid Gingerbread men

I remember every Chistmas Eve morning, me and my mom and my brother would automaticaly go into the kitchen. We all would start grabbing indgredients from cabinet to cabinet and from shelf to shelf. We would roll out the dough and cut out the shapes of gingerbead people. We would make wifes and husbands, stars and christmas trees. Soon enough we would place the carved out dough into the oven. When the oven was done and the timer went ding, the little pieces of gingerbread dough was nice and crisp for us to eat. We couldn't stop there, the last thing we had to do was decorate the little gingerbread people. So we got out our frosting and gumdrops and sprinkles and started to make a face, then clothes. The Gingerbread people were all done and ready to eat. Every year those gingerbread people would get better and better.

Phisical Changes of the Gingerbread Before Baking:The dough can be soft and squshy, sticky and messy, it tastes plain and smells like flour. The color should be dark/light brown with flour made into it. The feel of it would be thick and smooth.

Phisical Changes of the Gingerbread After Done Baking:The gingerbread would be hard and crusty, and smell like fresh cooked cookies. The color would be a warm golden brown and decorated. The colors after decorating would be like a rainbow all over the gingerbread. It would taste warm and delicious.

Making Homemaid Gingerbread!

Steps To Making Gingerbread:1) Roll out the dough using flour so it wont stick.2) Have shape cutters and start cutting your dough.3) Lay the fully cut peices onto you pan.4) Turn on the oven to 180 degrees and put the pan into the oven.5) Bake them for 10-15 minutes or until they are gold and brown.6) Start decorating them, such as frosting sprinkles gumbrops etc.

Fun Facts:The person who played Gingy in the movie Shrek is Conrad Vernon, and he is an actor, director, and an artist.


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