Baking Cookies

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Baking Cookies

The Cookie Process:Recipie to Ingredients;Ingredients to Cookie Dough;Cookie Dough to Cookies on a Plate;Cookies on a Plate to No More Cookies(The Process Starts on the First Picture on the Left)

Baking Cookies

Baking CookiesAmber MoxceyPeriod 1

Baking Cookies is one of my favorite things to do. Before all the delicious warmness of a sweet chocolate-chip cookie, perparing them is the best part. Last year about a week before Christmas, I had the best time with my friend, Jenna. We got out all the ingredients and supplies to start making the cookie dough. We put almost all the ingredients in the bowl... and then I dropped both eggs on the floor. When we were putting the cookie dough in the cookie pan, I dropped a giant handful of cookie dough out of the spoon, and onto my chair. With the laughter of dropping ingredients, the cookies came out burnt and undercooked. Besides the point of my failing, baking cookies makes memories for me. I can't reverse time and go back to that moment but, it'll always be in my memory. Therefore, baking the cookies is the best part, even if they burn. Awesome!

Sound of Eating Cookies

How To Bake Cookies

Baking Cookies is a Chemical Change: Once you bake the cookies they cannot reverse back to cookie dough.


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