Bakeries in Pompeii

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Bakeries in Pompeii

Bakeries in Pompeii

Bread has been restored under ash in Pompeii.

Ancient stoves in Pompeii are still in a good state.

33 Bakeries have been found in Pompeii.

Slaves and oxen grinded the grain by moving in a circuler direction

Customers could choose the shape of bread and size according to their wants.

The mills had an hourglass shape and long arms of wood, and inside them was inserted a conical element of smaller size.

Some of the bread was covered with poppy seeds, anise, and sesame seeds; egg white was used to make the seeds stick to the bread.

Grain was poured into the top of the catillus through a funnelled opening and then ground between the two stones, collecting in a tray called a lamina.

Each loaf was inserted into the oven on a wooden paddle before being left for about half an hour to cook.


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