Bailey-Maremec Caverns

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Bailey-Maremec Caverns

Did you know that Meramec Caverns was the hideout of Jesse James (the outlaw) and his brother!? I think that is soo cool!GET YOUR KICKS, ON ROUTE 66!!!!!

Meramec Caverns

It opened in 1933 and it is still open!! The owner is Lester Benton Dill. It is in Santon,MO.There are over 7 stories of fun there! You can ride on a boat, in the "river" on Meramec Caverns. They have a hotel so you can stay there. It is a ton of fun so you have to plan a visit there.

The Meramec CavernsBy Carson and BaileyMeramec Caverns is in Santon, MO and was located on Route 66. It was opened in 1933 and is still open. It is 361.13 miles from Tulsa. It is a 7 to 8 story cave with crystals hanging from the ceiling. It also has crystals sitting on the floor. The name of the owner is Lester Benton Dill. It is the tallest cave in the world. They dug mines to find minerals. They used bits of minerals to make gunpowder to use in the civil war. In the cave you get to touch the crystals made of calcite. You get to ride on boats and see lots and lots of very cool things. It is the hideout of the outlaw Jesse James.



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